The Smart Collection manage their contents completely automatically. They search the project for any assets that match the rules that are defined in their settings. They also automatically remove any assets from themselves that no longer match their rules (for example if an asset is renamed or move it may no longer match the rules).

Note: Because of their nature being fully automatic, assets cannot manually be added or removed from them.


In the settings is a list of folders which can be used to specify certain folders that an asset must be in, or folders that an asset cannot be in to be added to the collection.

If there are multiple folders set to “Include”, then an asset must be in at least one of them to be able to be added to the collection.

Include: If true, the asset must be within the folder to be able to be added to the collection. If false, the asset will not be able to be added to the collection if it is within the folder.

Match Option: If set to “Any Depth”, then a asset can be in a subfolder of the specified folder and still be considered. If set to “Top Only”, then a asset must be directly in the specified folder.

Folder: The folder to target. A folder asset can be drag & dropped in to the filed to set it, or the popup window can be used to select a folder.
Note: The field is a reference to a folder, not a path. This means that if you move the folder, rename it or one of its parent folders, the path will automatically update. Conversely if the folder is deleted, and then a folder with the same name/path is created, it will not be valid and need to be reassigned to the field.

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