Smart Library Window

The Smart Library window is the heart of Smart Library, opened through Unity’s top menu: Window > Smart Library, or the shortcut “Shift + L”. You edit, add, and remove collections along with assets to collections through the window.

The Smart Library window

(A) Add button: Allows you to add collections to the library by selecting a type from a dropdown menu.

(B) Collections area visibility: Allows you to hide the collections tree view area.

(C) Sort dropdown menu: Allows you to sort the assets in the item view by ascending or descending order of either their name or type.

(D) Search Field: Allows you to search in the selected collection for assets by their name.

(E) All items: A permanent entry in the tree view that contains every assets that is in at least one collection in the library.

(F) Collections tree view: Displays all the collections in the library.

(G) Item area: Displays the assets in the selected collection.

(H) Update items button: Allows you to manually run a check on the selected collection to ensure that all assets in it match the collection’s rules, removing any assets that don’t.

(I) Item size: Allows you to set the size of the items in the item area.

(J) Item view style: Allows you to toggle the item area between a grid and list style view.

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